Differential Repair Services

A vehicle’s differential transmits power to the wheels, while slowing the rotational speed of the transmission allowing them to rotate at different speeds (hence the name differential).

Your tires spin at varying speeds, especially while turning. The inside wheels travel a smaller distance than the outside wheels. The driving wheels are linked together so an engine and transmission can turn both wheels simultaneously. If your vehicle didn’t have a differential the wheels would be forced to spin at the exact same speed. This would make turning extremely difficult and hard on your car, causing tire slippages. The resulting slips would put a heavy strain on axle components.

Differential Inspection & Repair

GT Transmission will diagnosis and inspect your differential for problems. We can remove, repair or replace damaged gears, bearings and seals. We’ll also replace the differential fluid and inspect your CV axles for wear and tear.

CV Axles tend to be a common failure point and make very loud noises as they begin to go. If you start to hear noises in the front or rear of your vehicle, stop in GT Transmission for a free inspection.

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