Free Diagnostic Testing

Before we make any transmission repairs we start with a proper diagnosis of your transmission. We start by checking your car’s trouble codes and electronic components. In many cases if a wrong signal is sent through the car’s computer system it can affect your vehicles drivability.

Advanced Diagnostic Testing

We are equipped with factory scan tools such as IDS, Tech2, DRB and Star Mobile. These tools allow us to monitor the vehicle in motion. By utilizing advanced scanning technology we are able to pin-point the root cause of your transmission problems and fix only what needs to be fixed.

In addition to checking your vehicles computer we’ll also:

  • Check transmission fluid level and type.
  • Check the transfer case and differential fluid if applicable.
  • Perform hands on road test to evaluate drivability problems.

Once our diagnostic checks are complete, we’ll review our findings with the customer and give them the best information possible to make an informed decision. Once a decision is a made, a repair order is created and our experts being repairing the problem.

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